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May, 2019
Updated list of classmates we have lost

45th Reunion News

September, 2016
Passing of David Weeks

August, 2016
Passing of Michael Schroeder

December 15, 2015
Passing of Gregg Hartsock

August 15, 2015
Passing of Bob Reaves

July 22, 2015
Passing of Ricardo Avery

November 14, 2014
Passing of Mikki Server Latimer

September 10, 2014
Passing of Nancy Holstein Huntington

March 14, 2014
Passing of Mr. Garretson

February 2, 2014
Reunion news

January 6, 2014
Passing of Eva Carter Estes.

December 11, 2013
Message board from Roger Sturm

October 18, 2013
Passing of Christi Smith

August 10, 2013
Update from Stan Rust regarding Steve Hill's memorial. Please see News to the right.

July 9, 2013
Passing of Steve Hill

May, 2013
Passing of Greg Cox

May 19, 2013
Guestbook entry from Wanda Kwiecinski Gostling

April 28, 2013
The passing of Marcia Fitzwater Quinn

April 15, 2013
Update to Tim Dugan's page
Information about Mrs. Duersch

January 9, 2012
The passing of teacher Sam Shie

December 22, 2012
Guestbook entry from Lou Moryl

December 10, 2012
The passing of teacher Jane Myers

August 2, 2012
The passing of Dave Lopriore.

June 30, 2012
Email from David Craig.

May 13, 2012
5 Year Reunion-Picnic photos added

May 9, 2012
Message from Doug Sloneker

March, 2012
Cookout invitation
from Mike Brockman

October, 2011
Message board entries about Tim Weber

August, 2011
Photos from class outing

July 10, 2011
Guestbook entry from Mike Sandlin

July 10, 2011
Message board entries from Joe Costanzo, Craig Kaiser, and Marianne Mayer Hildreth

April 17, 2011
November 30, 1973 Tribune added

March 25, 2011
Guestbook entry from Steve Azbill

February 1, 2011
Guestbook entry from Dan Adkins

January 29, 2011
Message board entry from Tim Hardin

October 21, 2010
The passing of teacher/coach Pat Sword

July 17, 2010
Trebleaires Christmas Party photos from Tom Vokes

Guestbook entry from Bonnie Webb Davis

March 28, 2010
April 28, 1972 Tribune added

March 12, 2010
Message from Gary Wert

February 8, 2010
The passing of teacher, Pearl Meehan

January 3, 2010
Message board entries about Gaile Gentry Rowland and Gloria Shell

December 18, 2009
The passing of Gaile Gentry Rowland

December 7, 2009
Message board entries from Linda Prall Mallory and Stephanie Jonson Kovats

November 5, 2009
Guestbook entry from Nancy Arnold Payne (class of '75)

November 1, 2009
Message board entry from Nancy McWhorter Wolpert

October 11, 2009
Message board entries from Kim Mainous Miller, Sue Turner Warner,  Craig Kigar,  and Jeff Brownfield

October 6, 2009
Guestbook entry from Kim Mainous Miller

October 6, 2009
The death of Gary Foley

September 30, 2009
Message board entries from Tom Vokes, David Jones, and Craig Kigar

September 18, 2009
Obituary of Dennis Gadd

September 17, 2009
The death of Dennis Gadd

September 16, 2009
Message board entries from
Gaile Gentry Rowland and
Pam Jackman Alley

Randy Trimble uploaded about 200 photos to our online photo album

September 6, 2009
Message board entry from Chris Jones

August 27, 2009
Message board entry from Tom Vokes

August 25, 2009
Message board entry from Debbie Willis' daughter, Jennifer

August 19, 2009
Message board entries from Craig Kigar, Stephanie Jonson Kovats, and Jeanne Swink

August 13, 2009
Guestbook entry from
Betsy Jones

Message board entry from Tim Weber

August 12, 2009
Message board entry from Craig Kigar

July 31, 2009
Guestbook entry from Jeanne Swink

July 29, 2009
Guestbook entry from Anne Marie Lubbers

July 22, 2009
Message board entry from Melanie Dane

July 19, 2009
Guestbook entry from Mikki Server Latimer

July 14, 2009
Updated Reunion information--see right

July 8, 2009
Message Board item from Stephanie Jonson Kovats

June 23, 2009
Message Board item from Mary Rawlins Rose.

June 8, 2009
News about a reunion for all Taft classes of the 1970's on June 13. (Note: Class of '74 reunion is in August)

May 28, 2009
Reunion news

May 26, 2009
News item about Bruce Kramer

May 23, 2009

Guestbook entry from Nina Sparks Schweir

April 25, 2009
Added class Chat Room

April 10, 2009
Added personal page for Tim Herrman

March 9, 2009
Message board entry from Patti Bohlen Hambleton about Tim Herrman.

February 25, 2009
Guestbook and message board entries from Patti Bohlen Hambleton

The passing of teachers Mary Alice Boehm and Jane Vokes

February 10, 2009
Guestbook entry from Dan Adkins

January, 2009
Guestbook entries from Angela Grainger Talbott and Dan Adkins

September 26, 2008
The death of Bill Steed

August 17, 2008
Guestbook entry from Mike Brockman

July 8, 2008
News about Dennis Gadd

June 30, 2008
Message from Chris Jones

June 22, 2008
Message from Craig Kigar

June 11, 2008
Message from Stephanie Jonson Kovats

March 24, 2008
Guestbook entry from Robert Barger

February 24, 2008
Message from Class of '73 member, Harry Cohen

February 15, 2008
Message board entries from Stephanie Jonson Kovats and Craig Kigar

January 22, 2008
Obituary of Mr. Rod Niedfeldt

Guestbook entry from member of Class of 1966

December 10, 2007
Message board entry from
Stephanie Jonson Kovats

December 1, 2007
Message board entry from Sherry Lakes Miller

October 29, 2007
Message board entry from Craig Kigar

September 4, 2007
News about Lana's daughter

September 3, 2007
Guestbook entry by Lana Field Compton

August 27, 2007
Obituary of Mr. Gus Mate

August 16, 2007
Guestbook entry from Becky Simer

August 6, 2007
Guestbook entries from Teresa Colwell Ollis and Jeff Matthews

Message Board
entry from Jeff Matthews

July 24, 2007
Message Board entry from Craig Kigar

July 3, 2007
Message Board entry from Dennis Gadd

June 23, 2007
Guestbook entry from Rhonda Jackson McClellan

May 14, 2007
News about Barb Washam Keith and Rex Bucheit

April 28, 2007
Taft Tribunes
October 12, 1973
December 7, 1973

April 16, 2007
Message Board entry from Katie Brandenburg von Korff

April 7, 2007
Message Board entry from Craig Kigar

April 6, 2007
News from J.R. Samples

February, 25, 2007
New Harding photos in the Scrapbook section

February 16, 2007
Harding Basketball photo

January 16, 2007
Guestbook entry
from Greg Allen, Class of 1973

November 12, 2006
Taft Tribune
September 21, 1973

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Online photo album

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Reunion News
For updated information, please visit http://taft74reunion.com

45 Class Reunion
45th Class Reunion Reminder: August 2 – 3 !!!
Hi, guys. Based upon some comments and questions regarding our 45th, here is a reminder for our upcoming reunion.

There are TWO events, both casual dress. The first on Friday evening, August 2 is a dinner/party arranged by Teresa Cecere Cline at the Colligan Lodge in Hamilton. The primary reunion is the next day, Saturday afternoon/evening August 3 at the Hamilton FOP Lodge. While there is a charge for the dinner, any classmate who wants to come but is not in a financial position can still attend (see the info further down), but everyone must register. The primary reunion on Saturday is free, with food provided by your local classmates. The important thing is whether you can make one or the other, or hopefully both, PLEASE COME!

Here’s more details on each, much of which was published earlier:


Pre-reunion Dinner Event Registration
Friday, August 2, 2019
Please see the link below to sign up for the pre-reunion dinner being organized by Teresa (Cecere) Cline at the Colligan Lodge in Hamilton.
The cost is $15 per person, significant others welcome. No one is turned away, however, everyone planning to attend must register through the link! If you are not in a position to pay, know that classmates have donated to help you – confidentially contact Teresa at teresacline212@gmail.com

When registering, first it will ask for an unlock code, which is 1974. The site will assume you are paying with a card, and will automatically add a fee of $2.71. You have the option to pay with a check, which when selected will knock it down to $1.28, but you must mail it ahead of time. (Make the checks out to Teresa Cline). It is greatly preferred that you register with a credit or debit card!!
GPS Address: 20 New London Road
Hamilton, OH 45013
We have lost several classmates in 2016-2019
Tim Rankin, Lisa Madsen Haviland, Greg Turner, Roger Sturm, John Bell
September, 2016 -- Our classmate, David Weeks, has passed away. To read more

August, 2016 -- Our classmate, Michael Schroeder, has passed away.  To read more
December, 15, 2015 -- Our classmate, Gregg Hartsock has passed away. To read more
August 15, 2015 -- Our classmate Bob Reaves has passed away.
July 22, 2015 -- We are sorry to report that our classmate, Ricardo Avery, has passed away. To read more

November 14, 2014 -- We are sad to report that we lost Mikki Server Latimer today.  To read more

September 10, 2014 -- Sadly, we report the passing of another good friend, Nancy Holstein Huntington.  To read more


April 30, 2014 -- passing of Wilson assistant principal, Mr. Gibson.  To read more


March 14, 2014 -- Teacher Fred Garretson passed away. To read more


February 2, 2014 -- From Mike Sandlin

Hey gang! Thanks for showing interest & being patient!!! We have a date & a hall for our 40 year class reunion!!! Saturday August 9, 2014 at the Hamilton Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 20 hall out by the old Thompson Park. As we continue to put this together we will be looking for volunteers to help with certain aspects of the reunion. We are also working on a get together for that Friday night. Our kitty is as bare as Mr. Bigglesworth so I'm reaching out for some pro bono help! More info will follow!
January 6, 2014 -- Sadly, we have lost our classmate, Eva Carter Estes.

October 18, 2013 -- We have lost another classmate with the passing of Christi Smith. To read more

August 10, 2013 update from Stan Rust ....
There will be a memorial for Steve Hill on August 17th @ 5:00pm at Amvets Post 1983. The address is 914 Ross Ave, Hamilton, Ohio. Friends are encouraged to bring memories to share

July 9, 2013 -- Sad news of another classmate's passing. Steve Hill passed away a few days ago. To read more

May, 2013 -- News of the tragic loss of Greg Cox. To read more


April 28, 2013 -- Sadly, another of our friends, Marcia Fitzwater Quinn, has passed away. To read more
January 9, 2013 -- Taft music teacher, Mr. Sam Shie, has passed away. To read more
December 10, 2012--Wilson math teacher, Mrs. Jane Myers passed away. To read more
August 2, 2012--Sad news that we have lost another classmate. From Tim Wolf:

Dave Lopriore passed away on August 1, 2012. You can read his obituary here.

June 30, 2012--From David Craig
David updated his contact information and sent us his current photo.
If you would like to contact him, please click here


May 9, 2012  From Doug Sloneker -- Checking in...

John Copeland and his wife Tina visited me in Denver in April, had a great time.  It got me thinking of ‘olden days’ and wondered if anyone has heard from Kevin Venerable?

Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 2:00pm

Mike Brockman's House, Hamilton, OH

Please send us an email if you would like to go and need Mike's address. 



Oct. 21, 2011
Tim Weber's obituary was published in today's paper. To read more


Oct. 18, 2011-- Sad to say, we have received word that Tim Weber passed away today.  Will post more details when we have them.
September, 2011

Lots of activity and many new members in the Class of '74 Facebook group. If you'd like to join, let us know

October, 2010
Taft teacher, Pat Sword, passed away. To read more
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Hamilton Taft High School Class of 1974

Taft Senior High School Hamilton Ohio

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35th Reunion Photo Page

Photo from the Journal-news

February 19, 2010

Old gym to host its final game tonight

Since it opened in 1959, the Hamilton High School gymnasium has seen Hall of Fame coaches such as Marvin McCollum, future NBA stars like Kevin Grevey, two state championship teams, several national championship cheerleading squads, a U.S. president and hundreds and hundreds of loyal, vocal fans.  To read more
February 8, 2010

One of our teachers, Pearl Meehan, has passed away.  To read more
December 18, 2009

Sadly, we have lost another classmate. Gaile Gentry Rowland passed away this week. There are related messages on the Message Board here.   To read more

November 15, 2009

From Craig Kigar

Marcia (Richardson) Roemer makes local news

One of our very own


October 6, 2009

We are sorry to report that Gary Foley passed away. To read more.
September 17, 2009

From Doug Cappelli  

It is with tremendous sadness that I am passing along the news that Dennis Gadd passed away Wednesday evening. Please keep Linda, Joey, Jimi and Jeremy in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.  To read more
August, 2009

Craig Kigar's brother, Scott, passed away. To read more
May, 2009

Many of you will remember Bruce Kramer, our classmate who was tragically killed in 1987.  His sister, Ilene, is searching for Bruce's son who was born just a couple of months before he died.  She would like to hear from anyone who kept in contact with Bruce after high school especially during the mid-80's. If you would like to contact her, please let us know

May, 2009

Mike Howell's father passed away. To read more

April, 2009

We now have a class Chat Room. It is accessible 24 hours a day, so make plans to meet your friends here at a convenient time. To visit the Chat Room, click here.
February, 2009

Jane Vokes, mother of classmate Tom Vokes, passed away. Some of you who attended Monroe Elementary may remember her as a teacher there.

Mary Alice Boehm, teacher at Wilson Junior High, passed away. To read more

September 26, 2008

Our classmate, Bill Steed, passed away suddenly.  To read more

July 8, 2008

From Doug Cappelli

Just a note to let everyone know that Dennis Gadd had bypass surgery last Monday. He had 5 of them done. I called him this past Sunday and he's still a bit weak, but in good spirits. Thought some of you might want to know.

To send an email to Dennis
January 28, 2008

From Lana Field Compton...

My home in West Palm was chosen by Garden, Deck, and Landscape magazine for their landscape architect to design my backyard.  It is pictured in their Spring 2008 issue on page 13.  No, they aren't paying for it to the tune of 22000!  But it is beautiful and something for me to look forward to in my golden years.

December 15, 2007

Mr. Rod Niedfeldt, Wilson teacher and father of Sue Niedfeldt Cummings, passed away. To read more
September 4, 2007

Lana Field Compton's daughter, Jennifer, passed away today. To read more
August 27, 2007

Mr. Gus Mate, Taft teacher and father of Ted Mate, passed away. To
read more
May 14, 2007

Barb Washam Keith has been named a 2006-07 winner of the Jim Blount History Educator Award. To read more

Rex Bucheit received the Profound Impact Award from Miami University's School of Education and Allied Professions. To read more

April 5, 2007--From J.R. Samples--The water is fine...come on in

Just curious who will join me in the New Parents Over 50 Club!  And I mean parents not grandparents.

To contact J.R. 


February 16, 2007--Craig Kigar is compiling a list of our teachers who are now deceased. If you have any information, please contact him. 

July 25, 2006--Taft teacher, Mr. Will Harbaum, passed away. To
read more

July, 2006--Note from Jeanne

To outwit the spammers, I took all of email addresses off the site. In place of these, I added links to a mail form.  We will store your email addresses in our database, and if anyone contacts you with the mail form, we will forward the mail to you. If any of you prefer to keep your email addresses visible on the site, please let me know and I will put them back on.

July, 2006--Lisa's husband, Steve Noble passed away. To read more

June, 2006--Class member Mike Ramsey passed away.

February, 2006--Class member Lois Harding passed away.

September, 2005

Mrs. Jeane Freuler, mother of Ted Freuler and teacher at Wilson Jr. High passed away.  To read more 

From Mikki Server Sciutti Latimer, 

John & I got married July 26, 2005 in Juneau, Alaska on top of Mt. Roberts.  It was a wedding to remember!

msanders.jpg (30758 bytes)

From the Journal-News

Click to see original size photo

June, 2005--Congratulations to Mark Sanders on his 50th birthday. 


April, 2005--Class member Pam Joseph Fleenor passed away. 

August, 2004--30 year reunion photos are now online. 

August, 2004--The list of those who have pledged to help pay our web host can be found here.

May, 2004--Taft Latin Teacher Kathryn Yokers passed away. To read more

March, 2004--Barb Washam Keith was recently honored by the Hamilton School Board for saving the life of a student at her school.   To read more

August, 2003--We just learned of the death of class member, Jack Greensfelder. He passed away in July, 2002.

Class member Ray Croucher passed away on April 10, 2003

Greg Stitzel was named Head Varsity Softball coach at Hamilton Badin High School. This will be Greg's fifth year coaching at Badin where the team has won back to back Grey division GGCL Championships and had the first 20 win season in school history in 2002 going 21-5. 

2002--Lisa Thomas Noble recently received National Board Certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.